Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson
#22 : Which Heavy Metal Detox Is Safe For Autism?
May 9, 2019 · 16 min
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Chelation? Heavy metal detox? That is the LAST thing you want to do on your journey to help your autistic child. 
Not the first.
In fact, you have to be healthy to detoxify and most children on the spectrum with ASD have impaired detoxification pathways.
Juicing, Green drinks, Medical Medium and celery juice for heavy metal detox? Only if you are into recirculating toxins and risk toxins entering the brain. For me, no thanks.
Most detox protocols for autism are dangerous.
I reveal why I don't do chelation, DMSA, DMPS or EDTA for my child and why good practitioners won't either.
I cover what I would do instead, and why "push catch" strategies are the better solutions for mold, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungus and die off reactions.
 Video on detoxification with Dr. Shade from Quicksilver Scientific here

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