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In this podcast episode, we share:

What it's like to live together now that both boys are adults and why they haven't moved out.

How my children were raised to be gentlemen and how their life is totally different to others.

The benefits and the pain of growing up as a sibling to a child that's recovering from autism. 

Coronavirus and how we've been handling it. From week 1 to now.

The V and our opinion about it. Are my children getting it?

What it feels like to live a life that's very different to the mainstream.

Living life without dairy, gluten and alcohol as a teenager.

Addictions and what happens when we eat anything with dairy in it.

How Melvin stops my stress and obsession over the world situation and his advice for other mothers worries him. 

What motivates Melvin to stay away from sugar, dairy, alcohol and gluten?

Why Melvin chose to give up on alcohol for life when he was 18.

Melvin's rebel phase and how we survived it. 

Why he'd rather stay in and stay in bed in the evening than going out and staying up late. 

Our opinion re: childhood and adult drinking in Denmark and in England. 

Why the eating/drinking culture in a family is important and why it's important not to drink in front of children. 

Is Melvin going to allow his children to drink and do what they want? 

Dopamine addiction. Gaming and how to deal with children being excluded from the friend-groups if they are not allowed to play Fortnite/Minecraft?

What it was like for Melvin to grow up without gaming and why the gamers who are excluding your child are NOT friends at all anyway. 

Why emotionally available, stable friendships aren't found in friend groups where gaming is the main interest. 

Why the argument: "if you don't allow your child to play games, your child will be lonely" isn't sitting well with Melvin.

Addiction and how to avoid teenage addiction/adult addiction by having clear boundaries in your child's childhood. 

Why children should not make important decisions about food, gaming and rules. And why Melvin suggests that you have the courage to NOT be your child's friend. 

Why you should NOT give your child what it WANT'S BECAUSE YOU NEED TO PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR LIFE and adversity.

Pronouns? Why we don't use them. Our controversial opinion on the woke generation and non-problems.

What creates strong men? The feminist illusion and the controlling modern woman.

The damaging effect of having 2 full-time working parents and regrets.

Are you parenting by hidden childhood trauma patterns?

Melvins reaction to my exit from the New Age community and newfound faith in God/Jesus.

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