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In this week's podcast episode, I am trying to save you from sleepless nights, night terrors and teach you how to get your child to sleep all night long. 

Why do children with autism (and you) struggle to fall and stay asleep? In Instagram remember to tell people to swipe and to find this episode in linktree, stories or barefootautismwarriors.com

You have to listen to this podcast to find out what your child's unique sleep-disrupting foods, gadgets and habits are.

I also cover: 

The hidden biochemical, biological and emotional reasons behind sleepless nights?

The link between learning difficulties, lack of growth and cellular repair plus detoxification and sleeplessness.

Sleep issues and the reason why it causes malnourishment, weakness and mental instability.

How do you remove the sleep blockers in your home and daily routines so that you can get your sleep and sanity back?

What does light and the body clocks have to do with it? 

How to find the sacred message behind sleeplessness and your big wake up call that's going to give you your sleep back. 

PS: Here are 3 ways that we can work together when you are ready to fully commit to the turnaround journey:

Send me a voicemail 

Get my free ebook and on-demand training (The Autism Turnaround Mindset) HERE 

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