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It's so much more than a diagnosis. I know that now. After getting the diagnosis for my child, followed by the realization that the missing links and gaps in the diagnosis procedure were (and still are) massive and then escaping the symptoms that the experts did not know what to do with (except handing out labels and coping strategies.

It's incredibly important to know about the price we pay on a spiritual level when we accept the diagnosis, how to escape the problems that come with it and how to set yourself and your child free from the control/programming of the autism society that is built around hopelessness, outdated science and an attempt to control mothers and children.

There's a war on and your soul and your child's soul and health are in danger. How on earth is the spiritual warfare, the epidemic of chronic disease and autism linked to the battle between good and evil and the war on your soul and your child's health?

That's the eye-opening topic for today's podcast episode.

I didn't know about the massive downside to getting my child diagnosed. I actually didn't even question it. I had no idea that there was a spiritual price to pay for the financial support that came with the diagnosis. I also didn't know that the expert who diagnosed my child (the same experts that diagnose yours) did not have any knowledge about the underlying biochemical issues behind autism symptoms that you can change. And when you do, symptoms change for the better as well.

In other words - no one was telling me what I am bout to share with you in this podcast episode:

Facts to share with the experts who diagnose your children and questions to ask them BEFORE letting them diagnose your child.

The dark side and the light side of getting a diagnosis and support from "the system" and how to decide whether or not it's worth it. 

The hopelessness/victim mentality and why stepping out of the autism community and old school systems in order to protect yourself and your child.

Why experts say that this is for life when mothers have witnessed symptoms disappear in their children with autism over the past 20 years.

How to escape the diagnosis and the stigma that is linked to it.

What my son wish I had done when he was 4 and I delegated the decisions and the outcome for my child to experts who did not have the knowledge to carry that responsibility (and how you can protect yourself from making the same mistake. )

The hidden truth about diagnoses: If you address the underlying issues and the symptoms go away - should we even hand these labels out for life? 

What happens to your child's future if you send the child to the wrong experts and walk away with a diagnosis instead of an escape plan? 

Diagnoses create beliefs. Beliefs create realities. If someone tells you that this diagnosis and the symptoms are for life - they will be. 

The important difference between the diagnosis/pride community and the warrior/recovery community and how to choose which one to subscribe to. 

The diagnosis creates a certain outcome and a certain personality/addiction that it's worth considering to protect your child against. 

There's a community that celebrates and holds on to PLUS takes pride in the diagnosis and they become very hostile towards those 

The spiritual warfare and the war on children's soul plus the mainstream Matrix (mainstream medicine, big food, special needs/the educational system, governments and non-profit organisations are not your friends.)

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