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My sober teenage son is a surprise guest on the podcast today together with grey area drinking expert and soul alignment coach Meiyan Mullin. It's an INCREDIBLY inspiring episode.


Are you sober curious? Podcast special out today about alcohol, denial and autism moms and how I stopped grey area drinking 100 %.

I have never had an addiction to alcohol, but I broke up completely with this dense but socially accepted "drug" 2 years ago. Until then, I'd have the occasional drink at parties. But even that felt wrong for me in the end. 

Have you ever felt that alcohol is a bit "off" and no longer a "match" for your consciousness and healing journey?

Do you feel curious about quitting grey area drinking but reluctant because alcohol is how you connect, have fun and relax?

Did you know that any type of drinking (even moderate drinking) affects your social skills, your soul and your body's ability to detoxify and balance hormones?

Did you know that our drinking habits affect our children's relationship with addictive substances in the future (and do you want to know how I raised my 2 adult children to refuse even one glass of alcohol with friends because they live a sober life?)

Did you know that alcohol keeps you in low consciousness and numbs you out so that you don't have a "clear channel". It also affects behaviour and decision making in a negative way. 

Children hate when adults drink alcohol because it changes us. We can pretend that it's harmless and if you want to hold on to the lies that we tell ourselves when we justify the truth that our children, body and soul always reveal to us - this podcast is not for you. 

If you have ANY curiosity about stepping up your healing - and consciousness game by cutting down or quit alcohol - YOU MUST LISTEN TO MY PODCAST SPECIAL WITH Meiyan Mullin today. 

We share everything you need to know about alcohol and why quitting this socially accepted "drug" can totally change your soul, your body, the turnaround process and your child's future. 



PS: Here are 3 ways that we can work together when you are ready to fully commit to the turnaround journey:

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