BLP 39. A Deepening Walk with the Holy Spirit
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In this episode, Carter interviews Tammy Chapman (The Chapel, Lake County) about how the gift of tongues deepened her walk with the Holy Spirit.

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Show Notes
In today’s episode, Pastor Carter conducts a fascinating interview with Tammy Chapman, Pastor, and wife to Senior Pastor Scott Chapman, at the Chapel, a local multi-site church. They discuss how to be faithful to and effective for Christ through partnering with Him, and the freedom and joy this offers.

Relationship with the Holy Spirit and yearning for more. // Tammy gave her life to Jesus when she was 14 and admits she didn't know much. In college, she joined a Christian group and was discipled by a classmate. As she was growing and learning through God's word, her mentor, Jennifer, helped her connect to God through prayer. One of the group rules specified that speaking in tongues was not allowed, but Jennifer told Tammy that she had that spiritual gift. Tammy was moved by how close Jennifer was to God and how prayer flowed from her. She wanted a similar, deep intimacy with God, so she began to pray for the gift of tongues, before she had even heard it spoken.

Presence and power of the Holy Spirit. // Gifts such as speaking in tongues or prophesying can be seen by some as somehow illegitimate, or fake. The Holy spirit is doing a work, worldwide, in His Church. His presence and power need space and acknowledgment. Some cessationists have recanted, and we're seeing less resistance and more openness to expressive spiritual gifts. [Read More]

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