Food is Impact with Critically Acclaimed Author Glen Merzer
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There are times when going to the doctor will save your life. There are also times when going to the doctor will kill you because medical care is the third or fourth leading cause of death in America.  - Glen Merzer

My very special guest for this episode is Glen Merzer, and I cannot wait for you to receive his empowering message around our personal health and the health and future of this planet. 

We begin with his  backstory, which I find super interesting given that he was an award-winning playwright who ended up in Hollywood writing for network television including the show Blossom (which for me is quite nostalgic). We cover the deaths in his family that prompted him to become a vegetarian at an early age, and the discovery that paved the path to his passion for sustainability and improving the health of the Planet.

Glen talks about his book, Own Your Health, and how he weaves in fun and fascinating stories from his personal life, including how his dad saved his mother’s life by telling her to listen to Glen’s advice about what to eat.

We cover the climate crisis and Glen’s book, Food is Climate, including the discrepancies between the story we’ve been told and the reality when it comes to both the causes and the solutions for the climate crisis. Glen says, “A lot of what the problem is arrogance” because we really “don’t know how close we are to the tipping point.”

We talk about how there’s been a lot of ridicule about documentaries Cowspiracy because of the statistics cited. Glen brings clarity around accounting for the extreme discrepancies in statistics out there about how responsible animal agriculture is for climate chaos. 

And although it can be difficult to feel hopeful when there are so many unknowns and there are still so many people who seem ambivalent, Glen leads by example with his ability to stay positive and motivated to continue his work, even when progress appears slow.




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