Eat to Thrive with Dr. Joel Fuhrman
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“When you take care of your physical health and your brain health with the right nourishments, the right nutrients and the right foods then it gives you the ability to have more feelings and emotions for the outside world and things that are not you…. nature, people, animals.”    -Dr. Joel Fuhrman

In this fascinating interview with the incredible Dr. Joel Fuhrman, I loved seeing his face light up, after so many years into his career, when he talked about the lives he has, and continues to, change through his written and spoken word, and thanks to his Eat for Life Retreat Center.

Our conversation goes way beyond the scope of nutrition for individual health. We zoom out and look at the big picture in terms of the effects of nutrition on our society as a whole… Something we don’t talk about enough… which was the topic of Dr. Fuhrman’s books, Fast Food Genocide. We dive deep into how nutrition affects people mentally and emotionally, and how that may be a contributing factor to the hostile political climate in this country today.

Dr. Fuhrman shares his backstory, what motivated him to take the path of medicine, specializing in nutrition, and how he almost talked himself out of going to medical school.

He paints an inspiring picture of the Eat for Life retreat center and his home next door, and how he’s created a holistic space that allows people to adopt a healthy, whole foods, plant-based way of life that they’re able to sustain long after leaving the grounds.  

Dr. Fuhrman also sets the record straight when it comes to largely misunderstood topics from oil, to claims that raw kale could harm the thyroid (hint: good news, I can keep eating kale for breakfast even though I have Hashimoto’s disease!). 

I’m excited for you all to listen to this one!




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