The Holistic Road to Mental Health with Jason Wrobel
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"I think that Holistic Health is taking a deep and honest, and loving look at all of the dimensions of what it means to be a human being."

Behind the curtain of success are stories that go untold. We often find that once we obtain the dreams and goals that we've strived so hard for so many years to achieve, the top is very lonely, and the moment of victory is short.

Jason Wrobel joins me in this episode, and he and I talk about the definitions that we use to confine ourselves and the multiple facets that holistic health can bring to someone's life, like consciousness, healing, nutrition, and happiness.

In 2014, after facing the end of a relationship, Jason received word that his TV series was being canceled and that simultaneously, his six-figure deal with a publisher for his book was also being pulled. Recovering from such a blow gave him insight into other areas of his life that were holding trauma and opened the doors for him to begin to heal from his pain.

By removing the definition of who he was on an authentic level, Jason maintained an introspective approach to understanding himself and continue to strive for the things that spark joy in his life and where his passions lie.

His deep relationship with food and the aspect of community that comes with sharing a meal led him towards a new passion for educating people about the foods they are putting into their bodies and the role that nutrition plays in not only your physical well-being but your mental well-being.

Listen in to hear more of Jason's holistic health journey and how it continues to grow and evolve with him as he discovers more about himself and helps others discover their passions along the way.

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