Pretending to Know About: Defunding the Police - Conversation with District Attorney Candidate Janos Marton
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  • Host, Rae speaks with candidate for District Attorney of Manhattan, Janos Marton on the topic that the entire country is talking about right now (whether you like it or not)...Defunding the police. Janos also talks on things such as police reform, prison reform, his current campaign and much more. 
  • Note from Host: Hello from the past - in the year 2020, despite the world being on lockdown due to a global pandemic, people all around the country (self included) finally left their homes to fight against racial injustices in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. No but really, these past few months have seemed like something out of a movie, and definitely not a rom-com. But the sad truth is that Black people and BIPOC have been fighting this fight all their lives. I hope if you're white and you're reading this, your ill informed brainwashed AP History teacher hasn't fooled you, America has never not been racist. Just about every institution this country has built, was built on a racist system. If you don't believe me please refer back to the episode before this one entitled "Are All White People Racist?". Now let's talk "Defunding the Police". Listen, what's going on right now isn't about you're friendly uncle who's a cop. To be frank with you, it took me a second to get that out of my head because guess what, I have a friendly cop uncle. This is about the racist institution and system the Police force was built on in the first place. As of today, June 12th, 2020, Breonna Taylor's murderers are still on active duty as cops. If you don't know, Breonna Taylor was in bed, sleeping, when three cops murdered her in her own home. As Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minneapolis said after the murder of George Floyd "There needs to be deep systemic change." That change comes from the very top (and protest of course), with voting for people like Janos Marton. I wanted to thank him for speaking to me in these trying times, and wish him the best in his campaign (he has my vote). 
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