The Self-Love Recovery Podcast
Ross Rosenberg
Begin your recovery from narcissists and narcissistic abuse, codependency, gaslighting, trauma, and more with Ross Rosenberg's Self-Love Recovery Podcast! Expect to be informed, inspired & unburdened by master psychotherapist Ross Rosenberg, an international expert on narcissistic abuse, codependency & trauma recovery & best-selling author of The Human Magnet Syndrome. Millions of people have already been given hope, direction, and enlightenment through his YouTube contributions and book sales. Ross warmly and authentically draws from his own healing journey as well as 35 years in the mental health field. Ross Rosenberg is all about breaking through barriers, opening up minds, and inspiring and guiding people about what they have been misinformed about or most need to understand.  Whether it is freedom over codependency, which he renamed to Self-Love Deficit Disorder, narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, or the childhood trauma that underlies them, you will find this podcast liberating, inspiring, and extraordinarily educating. So join him on his quest to warmly, authentically, and expertly explain, advise, and inspire. Prepare to change your life!
The Self-Love Recovery Podcast
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