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the mentl space
Sep 20, 2023
The power of human connection and the search for our authentic selves
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What does it mean to be human? How can we live a life in tune with our authentic selves? 

And…are we all just a little bit weird? 

In a thought-provoking episode of ‘the mentl space’ we bring you a captivating conversation with the insightful and inspiring Andrew Stotter-Brooks. 


Drawing on his experience from a career spanning decades, most recently as Vice President Learning and Development for Etihad Airways, and now as Chief Learning Officer for Weird Human, the conversation delves into the essence of humanity, the interview explores the significance of surprising encounters, the power of influence, and the importance of human connection. 


Andrew's profound insights shed light on the unique role we play in a world dominated by AI, emphasising the need to embrace our individuality. 


He joins ‘the mentl space’ podcast also as a judge for ‘the mentl awards 2023’ which aims to hero individuals, initiatives and industries and institutions across the public and private sector who are tackling the stigma of mental health and creating cultures where people thrive.


The power of human connection and encouragement


Andrew emphasises the importance of connectivity and the influence it holds, saying: "Don't underestimate the power of just connecting with another human being." 


Andrew believes that deep and intense connections can inspire individuals to reach out and connect with others, creating a ripple effect of positivity. He passionately expresses, "Letting them know they're not alone, genuinely couldn't say it any better than that." This sentiment highlights the transformative power of human connection and the encouragement it brings.


Embracing our uniqueness in a world dominated By AI


Andrew delves into the topic of AI and its increasing presence in our lives. He believes that as AI takes over various tasks, our unique ability to connect and build rapport with others becomes even more crucial. Andrew asserts, "The only thing we're going to be left with is really our own ability to connect and build rapport with people." He emphasises the importance of directing AI to solve problems, highlighting the role of human decision-making and problem-solving skills.


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This episode offers profound insights into the power of human connection and influence. Andrew's experiences and perspectives shed light on the transformative impact we can have on others through genuine connections. As AI continues to advance, Andrew reminds us of the importance of embracing our uniqueness and harnessing our ability to connect deeply with fellow human beings. 


As we say at mentl: “Together we thrive.”

Enter 'the mentl awards 2023' today - but hurry the deadline for nominations expires at 11.59pm on September 30.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1: Embarking On A Quest To Uncover The Essence Of Humanity - 00:00

Chapter 2: The Importance Of Meeting Others' Needs - 03:38

Chapter 3: Unexpected Career Opportunity And Frustrations Of Working Internationally - 07:14

Chapter 4: Concerns About Connecting With Others In The Digital Age - 11:15

Chapter 5: The Importance Of Relationships And Asking Questions In Achieving Success - 14:53

Chapter 6: Importance Of Open Communication And Reflection - 18:33

Chapter 7: Harnessing The Power Of AI: Proceed With Caution - 22:21

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