Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) versus 80/20 High Fat and the secret to success on Keto
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PSMF and 80/20 are hot topics in the keto community right now. Everyone is doing one or the other. How come some people are saying PSMF is working and 80/20 isn't but other people are saying the opposite?

  • How do you know which one is going to work for you?
  • What exactly are they?
  • How do you do either of them correctly?

Listen in and we'll tell you all the secrets you need to know!

1:03 How this podcast is different and why we started it
6:41 What is context and why does it matter?
10:40 How to ask better questions
13:42 Should you do High Fat Keto or PSMF?
17:08 What is PSMF and how to do it
24:21 The impact of metabolic adaptation
26:34 Our experience with high protein and low fat
29:30 Who should use PSMF
33:00 What is High Fat Keto and how to do it
35:50 Context applied to information sources 
40:40 How to use Ketosis properly
42:20 Using Ketones to help adaptation
46:55 Who should use High Fat Keto
50:25 Tracking your BMR
52:20 The difference between PSMF and High Fat Keto
54:00 Stop using ratios and percentages

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