Science Based isn't what you think it is and worrying about it is wasting your time
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There are a lot of people out there claiming to be "Science-Based" professionals who are using an appeal to authority fallacy to make people think they have all the answers.

You may have gotten into an argument with someone who would only believe your side if there's a paper to back it up. You may be the one who only does what science has "proven" to work.

Let's clear up a few things and hopefully make life a little easier for everyone.

1:32 Science based vs Results based
4:30 Science is years behind effective methods
6:40 The process of scientific studies is long and expensive
8:40 Scientific publications have lost a ton of credibility
11:22 Studies have a micro focus and doesn't apply to the macro application
14:09 The definition of "Science-Based"
16:16 The appeal to authority fallacy
18:50 How to evaluate evidence in the scientific method
21:53 Start trying things and be your own experiment
26:55 Stop using science to justify your actions
28:45 Do you have confirmation bias?
31:50 Science says artificial sweeteners are not harmful
35:40 Confront the challenge
39:42 If it's not broken don't fix it
42:35 What real accountability is about
44:25 Couple's Retreat Info

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