PoLoop Angielski
PoLoop Angielski
Jan 29, 2023
Episode 24. Stress in Three-part Phrasal Verbs
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This episode is the continuation of the topic of stress in Phrasal Verbs, so it might be a good idea to listen to Episode 23 first.

You can download the complete transcript of this episode here.

Phrasal Verbs used in this recording: 

  • put sth on: start wearing something
  • burn down: get destroyed by fire
  • take after sb: look or behave like an older member of the family
  • come down with sth: become ill with a disease, usually not serious
  • cheat sb out of sth: prevent someone from having something in a dishonest way 
  • feel up to sth: feel that you are strong or healthy enough to do something
  • come up with sth: find or produce an answer, plan, or solution to a problem 
  • get around to sth: find time and opportunity to do something
  • go back on sth: fail to do something that you've promised or agreed to do
  • go through with sth: do something that you've planned or agreed to do, especially if it is difficult or unpleasant
  • look forward to sth: feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen
  • put up with sth: accept something unpleasant or annoying without complaining
  • get away with sth: do something wrong and not be properly punished for it

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