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Dec 11, 2022
Episode 18. The Lie
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Is learning a foreign language as easy as some want us to believe? What are the consequences of thinking that you can learn a language without effort? Listen to find out, and while doing so, learn a few useful words and expressions.

You can download the transcript of this episode here.

EASY or DIFFICULT - expressions introduced in the recording: 

EFFORTLESS: Something that is effortless is done easily and well.

A PIECE OF CAKE: If you think something is very easy to do, you can say it is a piece of cake. It is often used to stop people feeling worried about doing something they have to do.

MASTERY: If you show mastery of a skill, you show that you have acquired it completely and have no difficulty doing something.

DAUNTING: A task that is daunting makes you feel  afraid or less confident.

PLAIN SAILING: If you say that a task was plain sailing, you mean that it was very easy.

BREAK SWEAT: If you break sweat, you use a lot of effort.

PUT EFFORT INTO SOMETHING: If put effort into something, you use physical or mental energy to do it.

Other interesting words and expressions used in the recording: 

  • to get round to something - to find time to do something
  • a procrastinator - someone who often puts off doing things
  • to spread a lie - to tell a lie to a lot of people
  • to boost one's motivation - to make one's motivation stronger
  • a big fat lie - a complete lie
  • comprehensible - that can be understood by somebody
  • simultaneously - happening at the same time
  • to come up with something - to produce, think, invent something
  • to be encoded - to be changed into a from that could be processed (e.g by a brain, or computer)
  • to be embedded - to be fixed firmly into something
  • to lie through one's teeth - to say something that is completely untrue
  • to serve a purpose - to have a specific goal
  • the waters turn up to be rough - the situation proves to be difficult
  • grit - courage and determination that makes it possible for somebody to continue doing something difficult or unpleasant for a long time
  • perseverance - the quality of keeping trying to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties
  • language aptitude - natural ability to learn a language 
  • to develop a growth mindset - to try to learn the skill through dedication and hard work; focusing on getting pleasure from the effort put into the task rather than from the future goal

Takeaway 1: Learning a foreign language is not easy.

Takeaway 2: Learners of a foreign language should focus less on achieving their long term goals, but instead develop a growth mindset, which will allow them to get pleasure from hard work.

Link to Andrew Huberman's video on the subject.

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