Hannah Nieves: Pulling Off Being A Multi-Passionate CEO
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Do you sometimes find it hard to dial down and focus on one thing because you're multi-passionate? Today's guest shares her story on just that, and yet how she enjoys being multi-passionate as it keeps things fun and challenging every day. Today's guest is Hannah Nieves, a multi-passionate Visionary with three successful brands. Hannah shares her journey from being multi-passionate, even from a child.

Hannah takes it back to the beginning of how she was able to grow her three successful brands by listening to her gut and moving fast with her decision-making. She shares her advice to CEOs who are in the trenches who are working from the bottom up on how she can consistently access the balcony perspective of what she is doing. We discuss how Hannah invites her team to co-create and to feel involved in the direction of the business they are a part of rather than feeling left behind in the fast pace nature.

In this episode, we also explore the type of candidates who could be working for multi-passionate CEOs and what to expect when working alongside them. As well as how the current economy shouldn't hold you back from growing your business.

Learn more about my guest:

Hannah Nieves is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, creative visionary and voice of inspiration for many. As a recognized expert in marketing, branding and PR, Hannah has been featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, In Style, Business Insider and has spoken at Northeastern University and Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. With a Bachelors of Business Administration from the AACSB accredited, Lubin School of Business. 

Hannah is the founder of Hannah Nieves Consulting, a full service consulting agency, HN Haus, a network and business education platform for multi-passionate women, and This Hudson Studio, a multifunctional creative studio in the Hudson Valley. Hannah truly loves the work she does and created this business out of the sheer passion of being able to serve multidisciplinary founders. Since its inception Hannah has served hundreds of brands from across the globe and regularly talks about entrepreneurship on her top rated podcast, HN Haus.

Hannah's Links:

Hn Haus: https://hnhaus.com/

Website: www.hannahnieves.co

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hannahmnieves

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hannahmnieves/

Connect with Veronica on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vromney/

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