E57: IYCS-Audio Flash Files #8 "Make Life Choices on a Transient Slide to Feel Confident"
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life advice and perspectives that’ll provide empowering tools you can practically incorporate into your life for more success and joy. AND we’ll be doing it in 20 minutes or less.

Today’s Audio Flash File is gonna give you the details on how to handle a situation we all find ourselves getting into at one point in life or another…getting advice. Whether it’s solicited or that infamous unsolicited advice, as young people we are often trying to discover the way of living that works best for us, and naturally we are given advice or resources to improve different elements of life. And InvisiYouth has been secretly teaching you one of our best techniques for you to personalize advice for your best. And that’s learning how to make decisions confidently requires a spectrum, of what we define as the InvisiYouth’s Decision-Making Spectrum. 

 Founder Dominique drops the reason our nonprofit encourages you to even disagree with advice and resources given to you, how confidence in the choices we make in life comes from sharpening our ability of sliding on a spectrum of agreement or disagreement. We also give the steps on how to do metaphorical shopping with elements of advice given to you, and why it’s important to give even that outlandish advice a moment of thought because you’re actually able to improve your life and adaptability with chronic illness or disability by recognizing the confidence you gain in your decisions.

Get ready to slide along the spectrum of making the best decisions for your way of living, your chronic illness or disability and your desires and goal and listen to this life-improving advice!



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