Frontrunners of the digital skills race with Microsoft | Episode 4
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In this episode, Frank is speaking with Maria Damborg Hald from Microsoft. She has a wide range of experience with digitalization in the public sector, and in her previous roles she has, among other things, led a number of major IT implementation projects across government institutions.

The exciting conversation deep dives into the key concerns right now:

What do we do about the digital skills gap in general and what's proving successful for the public sector?

Both Frank and Maria share a passion for digitalization in the public sector. The first key point to recognize, when discussing the public sector, is the diversity and vastness of it. It is as diverse as the private sector is.

Some organisations are digital frontrunners who have restructured their service models based on the most recent technological developments, while others are struggling to keep up with digital transformation.

In the public sector, we are still capitalizing on tech investments made 10-15 years ago, and the question is, when do we need to re-invest to ensure that we stay on the forefront? Skilling is a big part of this issue and, as Frank states, it can even become an opportunity, if we get it right.

What has changed?
Well, Microsoft has always been about skills, but they are picking up the pace on the cultural journey about having a growth mindset with leadership and employees. In essence, that means moving away from being specialists, who know it all, to being partners who contribute more as "learn-it-all's - who listen more than they talk.

Now, we are all facing a more complex digital environment that demands a constant beta mindset.

The time has passed from learning a skill and completing your education. The complexity of technology today demands life-long learning.

The thing about growth mindsets...
In Maria's view, the key to implementing and maintaining a growth mindset is skilling.

You want tailored programmes for senior leadership teams, as skilling plans and initiatives need to be anchored with the leadership to be effective.

Also, you want skilling to be widely available to everybody in the organization, and you want to provide the time and the opportunity to be learning, always.

Public leads the way in Talent Acquisition
The jobmarket for digital skills is burning hot. Everybody is poaching people from each other and salaries increase all the time. The fact is, that we are facing a demographical challenge and we all have to work together to make ends meet.

Basically, it is almost impossible to have a job in Denmark anywhere in the jobmarket without a basic tech skillset, and that clearly contributes to drive demand for digital skills.

We do have a potential to relieve some of the demand with process automation and other technology, but we will need to re-skill and up-skill to help close the digital skills gap, and we need new talent.

How do you acquire Talent?
Maria and Frank have both worked with public sector organizations that are hiring new talent in very ambitious ways. But how do you overcome the digital skills gap and acquire talent? Maria gives you insight on how some of the major public organisations have come about hiring new employees and upskilling thier workforce.

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