7 MUST HAVE INGREDIENTS FOR GOOD LIVING (so we can do good in the world)
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Have you ever had days that were starting to feel or taste like a soup that was missing a crucial spice?   This episode was inspired by my recent feelings of blandness that started to set in. This caused me to do an inventory of the seven ingredients that have come to be my guiding post for living. Upon reflection, it became clear that I was heavy on some and sporadic with others and it was impacting the flavor of my "life's soup."

This is what I know to be true for myself.  My ability to bring about positive change through my activism in my own home kitchen and beyond is directly connected to my vitality which is directly related to the presence of the 7 essential ingredients (listed below) in my days. 

You may find your list of ingredients is the same or similar to the one below. Or maybe you want to adopt this one as your own.  Either way, as activists we need to clarify our essential ingredients so we can feel good to do good.

The 7 Ingredients for Good Living
1. Work with Purpose
2. Meditate
3. Connect with Nature
4. Move Your Body
5. Connect with People
6. Have Fun
7. Cook with Purpose

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