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Oct 30, 2022
Episode 5: Co-Host GinaMarie Discusses Emotional Intelligence
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For this episode DJ Mikey D introduces his new co-host DJ GinaMarie. For the first debut discussion DJ Mikey D will interview her where she will discuss her expertise and her life. Later in the interview they will discuss emotional intelligence and how it can help you manage your relationship with others and how it can change your perception and mindset. Below is a synopsis of our emotional intelligence discussion. We will post a quick video detailing all the points. 

The Value of Emotional Intelligence: Having the ability to be aware of both your own and other’s feelings and emotions – and to be able to use this knowledge to guide your own thinking and actions appropriately. 
Five Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence:
1.Recognize and understand our emotions and reactions (self-perception)

2.Manage, control and adapt our emotions, mood and responses (self-management)

3.Harness our emotions to motivate ourselves to take appropriate action, commit, follow-through and work toward the achievement of our goals (motivation)

4.Discern the feelings of others, understand their emotions and utilize that understanding to relate to others more effectively (social perception)

5.Build relationships, relate to others in social situations, lead, negotiate conflict, develop the ability to effectively influence (social skills)

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