Plant-Based Diets
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Episode 17: Plant-Based Diets

One of my listeners had asked me to explore plant-based diets, and so here it is!

There can be overlap between whole-food, plant-based and vegan diets, but there are also some basic differences.  This episode defines 8 different ways to eat while still being considered a vegetarian, or plant-based, eater. Then I go into depth on two popular approaches: "Forks Over Knives" and Dr. Fuhrman's "Nutritarian Diet."  I explore the mistakes we tend to make when considering plant-based eating and the cost of making them. This week's actionable coaching advice helps you to start to shape the way you would like to eat. 
The VFO (Valuable Free Offer) for this week is my booklet, "The Brilliance of Chocolate Cake."

1:11.        Personal Story
6:53.        Definitions to help you understand plant-based eating styles
10:46.     Forks Over Knives
17:03.     Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian Diet
21:46.     What mistakes are we making?
22:45.     Why are we making these mistakes?
24:03.     What is the cost of making these mistakes?
25:27.     Calling out a better way
26:37.      This week's actionable COACHING ADVICE
28:48.      VFO (Valuable Free Offer)
31:12.       Episode 18, coming up

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THIS WEEK'S VFO:  The Brilliance of Chocolate Cake
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