Another Key to Freedom: The Good-Better-Best Method
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Episode 7: Another Key to Freedom: The Good-Better-Best Method

The Good-Better-Best method is a great way to make your next best decision - whether that is with your next meal or choosing water instead of a sugared drink. Let's get out of all-or-nothing thinking  which will never be achieved anyway. Don't let the misguided striving for perfection be the enemy of good - which is the first step any of us need to take. 

Also learn about decision fatigue here and more on my blog about why the Good-Better-Best Method is one of the strongest tools in your arsenal for getting out of diet prison. 

Here is your free guide to the Good-Better-Best Method.

1:14.     Learn to cut off decision fatigue at the knees
3:21.      What is the one decision you must make?
3:34.      Examples of GOOD choices
4:31.      Examples of BETTER choices
5:28.      Examples of BEST choices
7:23.      What mistakes are we making?
8:47.      Good is a valid option on your journey
10:35.    Why are we making these mistakes?
11:23.    What is the cost of making these mistakes?
12:07.    Calling out a new way
13:49.     This week's ACTIONABLE COACHING advice
16:55.     Special Offer
19:04.     Episode 8, coming up

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