Setting Goals
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Episode 5: Setting Goals

In this episode learn all about the SMACKDOWN way of setting goals. Learn how more about how goals are different from WHYs, but how to do the process the same way. Just as your WHY can be an umbrella for many WHYs, you will learn to see that one goal might actually be an umbrella for many goals. There are a few mistakes that people make in setting goals, and this episode will help you make them clear the SMACKDOWN way: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Compatible and do them in a way that you can Keep them going. Do them, Own them, Write them down and do them Now. Be sure to download my SMACKDOWN goal-setting sheet to help you figure it all out. It is available at

1:10.     My Personal Story

2:59.     It is important to know how to set and use goals along your Roadmap to Diet Success.

10:32.  Here is the difference again between a WHY and a goal

11:53.  There are a few mistakes that people make with setting goals

12:55. The cost of making the mistakes is that you never get going

13:55. This week's ACTIONABLE COACHING advice

15:43. Special Offer

17:19. Episode 6, coming up

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