The Undetected Narcissist Podcast
Angela Myer
Your host, Angela Myer takes you on a journey toward shifting your perspective from self-doubt, fear, hate and anger. Angela wants to support you in discovering and awakening your authentic self. The Undetected Narcissist Podcast is here to educate, support your recovery, and encourage your empowered transformation following narcissistic abuse. She will shine the light on various topics from autism, spirituality, trauma, emotional abuse, PTSD, narcissism, holistic health, self-care, and empaths. Angela Myer, author of The Undetected Narcissist, has over 20+ years experience, is an award winning CCHT, wellness and narcissistic recovery coach. Angela works with people globally to understand how a narcissist is not born, we create them. If we want to live in a world of peace and cooperation, we need to change the way we parent, treat each other, and stop being trauma ignorant.
The Undetected Narcissist Podcast
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