Dear Menopause
Dear Menopause
Apr 13, 2023
54: Unlocking Midlife Health Secrets with Roma van der Walt
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Are you tired of the same old ineffective and unrelatable advice for improving your health and well-being in midlife? 

Roma van der Walt, an entrepreneurial women's health expert and exercise professional, seeks to establish a common-sense approach to healthy living for midlife women by challenging the extremes of highly qualified but unrelatable doctors and influential celebrities to find the balance between metabolic health and health span advice.

The goal should really be to live those extra 20 years vibrant. - Roma van der Walt

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the significance of metabolic health and exercise specifically for midlife women.
  • Uncover the secrets to balancing supplements and establishing a solid foundation for your wellness journey.
  • Learn the crucial role of biometrics and wearable technology in tracking your health goals.
  • Master the art of incorporating cardio exercise for maintaining optimal heart health.
  • Embrace midlife changes and thrive by implementing effective well-being strategies.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:10 - Introduction,
00:03:06 - Extreme Fasting,
00:09:48 - Confusing Information,
00:12:26 - Recommended Supplements,
00:15:37 - Iodine and Thyroid Health,
00:17:01 - Importance of Nutrient Balance
00:18:11 - Foot Strike Deficiency and Iron,
00:23:51 - Importance of Cardio for Heart Health,
00:27:29 - Importance of Biometrics and HRV,
00:30:35 - Using Wearable Devices to Manage HRV,
00:32:32 - REM and Slow Wave Sleep,
00:34:08 - Importance of Regular Sleep and Circadian Rhythm,
00:36:54 - Perfectionism and Metabolic Health,
00:40:47 - Embracing Midlife and Perimental Health,
00:45:31 - Empowering Women Through Information,

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Thank you for listening to my show!

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