Decentralizing Social Media w/ Randy
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Randy, is cofounder of Twetch, a Twitter like application on the blockchain that allows user to own and monetize their content and brand. Randy has a graphic design background in the advertising space. He found his way into web3 through finding Crypto All Stars, an NFT marketplace that hosted the trading of CryptoKitties. Following Crypto All Stars, Randy got recruited to do marketing for Honey Miners, an easy way to mine cryptocurrencies.

Join us as we talk all things Twetch and bringing social media on-chain.

Time Stamps

0:00 - 17:30 - Intro, BSV fork, and the Problem to be solved
17:30 - 18:55 - Economics, Ads, and Micro Payments
18:55 - 28:20 - Twetch’s Fundamentals, Competitors, and Controversies
28:20 - 34:40 - Twetch Features, Team, and Opportunities window
34:40 - 59:30 - iOS Fees, Conundrums, and Twetch Bullishness

Episode Important Links

Honey Miner:

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Fork - Whenever a community makes a change to the blockchain protocol or basic set of rules.

Nodes - Moderators that build the infrastructure of a decentralized network, maintaining its consensus.

Miner - Participants verifying transactions on the blockchain, adding new blocks, and verifying for accuracy.

Troll Toll - How much it costs to interact with someone. Charging someone to dm or interact with an account.

BSV - Bitcoin SV, a fork from BTC.

BCH - Bitcoin Cash, a fork from BTC.

BTC - Bitcoin

Lightning - Lightning Network is an L2 solution for the BTC Network.

L2 - Layer 2 are scaling solution for blockchains to handle more transactions.

React - A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Flutter - A mobile app development platform created by Google.

Podcast Host: Bunzy

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