Beyond The Lens
Beyond The Lens
Aug 26, 2022
14. Robin Thurston: CEO of Outside Interactive on the Outerverse and How Web3 is a Huge Deal for Creators
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Outside Interactive Inc. is the world's leading creator of active lifestyle content and experiences. This year, CEO Robin Thurston revealed its plans for the 'Outerverse' - an adventure-minded, wellness-driven alternative to the Metaverse. The 'Outerverse' represents the first comprehensive delve into Web3 technology by a significant consumer media company. Outerverse platform will feature an NFT marketplace, creator platform, and loyalty tokens with the goal of rewarding people for getting outdoors.

In this episode, Robin shares that he was a bike racer in high school, which fuelled his love for nature and outdoor activities. He reveals that he decided to stop racing and ride his bike for fun after having an accident during a race in Switzerland. Together, Robin and Richard discuss the importance of spending time outside in nature to appreciate and feel more connected with the problems our planet is facing. They discuss whether the rise of technology and the internet has caused the younger generation to spend more time inside on their devices and debate how to encourage younger people to spend more time in the great outdoors. Robin delves into Outside Interactive Inc.'s new project, the 'Outerverse,' which he describes as 'anti-Metaverse'. He explains how they created the 'Outerverse' to encourage more people to get outdoors by offering in-game and real-life rewards. He also shares how Outside aims to become carbon neutral by 2030, and he explains that every transaction made is 100% offset for all of their partners, brands and creators.

To find out more about Outside and the 'Outerverse', visit:


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