Gut Health and Resilience - Dr. Chris Lowry, Part 2 - Ep. 49
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This is part 2 of our 2-part episode with Dr. Christopher Lowry, a professor of Integrative Physiology, Psychology, and Neuroscience, specializing in the gut microbiome. If you haven’t listened to the first half of this interview, we recommend starting there first. 

His research program at CU Boulder focuses on understanding stress-related physiology and behavior, emphasizing the microbiome-gut-brain axis. His research is designed to lead to novel, microbiome-based interventions for preventing anxiety, mood, and trauma- and stressor-related disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

In this half of our interview with him, we’ll talk more about his work there, as well as practical ways to improve your gut health and the potential implications for that when it comes to better resilience under stress.

More about Dr. Lowry:

Dr. Lowry's TedX talk:
Plants, the Microbiome, and Mental Health


00:00:22 Who is Dr. Chris Lowry

00:01:10 Gut Biome, Immune System, and Mental Health

00:05:51 Mechanisms at Work

00:08:06 Working With Certain Strains With Veterans

00:10:38 TBI and PTSD

00:12:18 Neurotransmitters in the Gut

00:18:01 Mitigate Damage From Bad Eating Habits

00:22:42 Ayahuasca and PTSD

00:24:33 Two Hit Model of Stress Exposure

00:27:55 Long Covid and Neuroinflammation

00:33:38 Lower Inflammatory Response 

00:34:22 Learn More About Dr. Chris Lowry’s Work

00:35:15 Outro

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