How to Learn Faster - Dr. Karin Nordin - Ep 34
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People in the special operations community often find themselves learning to be human swiss army knives. They do intensive courses in anything from second languages to advanced trauma medicine, where their ability to succeed depends on their ability to manage their time, attention, and energy and study and learn effectively. 

For instance, we did an episode recently on how to be successful in the Special Forces medic course, known as 18D, and a consistent theme was the importance of good study habits. But nobody teaches that. People either figure it out or fail. And lots of them fail. We want to give people a framework that they can use to understand how to establish strong time management and study habits so that they can learn better and faster during challenging courses.

To do that, we talked to Dr. Karin Nordin, a Ph.D. in health behavior change, a published researcher on mindset theory, and a curriculum writer for Precision Nutrition.

Dr. Nordin is the founder and CEO of her own business, Body Brain Alliance, which provides behavior change coaching for individuals and curriculum design education for business owners. After teaching at the college level for years and then transitioning into the online coaching industry, she quickly realized that the evidence-based practices for both course design and behavior change were not being taught in an industry that desperately needed them. Now, she’s on a mission to create courses that help people change and to teach other coaches how to do the same thing.

You can go to to learn about some of Dr. Nordin's work we discussed on this call, like her Change Academy course or her coaching programs

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