All Secure Foundation - Tom and Jen Satterly - Ep. 29
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Tom Satterly is a former Command Sergeant Major from the US Army’s Delta Force, also known as The Unit. During his 20 years at The Unit, Tom fought in and led countless high-profile missions including the capture of Saddam Hussein and the Battle of Mogadishu, also known as Black Hawk Down, which was the longest sustained firefight since Vietnam. That 18-hour firefight ended with Tom, along with several of his teammates, running the Mogadishu Mile to safety.

Tom’s career sounds like a Hollywood script, and he’s literally been portrayed in movies because of it. It’s hard to imagine doing more in the world of special operations than he did. But that lifestyle comes at a cost.

In the early days of Tom and Jen’s relationship, Tom was struggling with the physical, mental, and emotional toll of his two decades of intense training and combat.

It nearly broke him, and it nearly destroyed his relationship with Jen.

Tom and Jen met while Jen was working at a special operations training company. She noticed a pattern that was shared by the Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Army Rangers that she was working with.

That pattern was the same one that was affecting Tom, and in turn, affecting her.

She wanted to know what could be done to help these special operators deal with the effects of post-traumatic stress, and what avenues there were for getting that help. So, she delved into health and wellness research and certifications in order to answer both parts of that question.

She learned about post-traumatic stress, she learned what could be done about it, and she began doing the helping.

As she and Tom worked to heal as individuals and repair their relationship, they began helping others to do the same.

They founded All Secure Foundation in 2017 to help special operators and their families navigate the maze of treatments and modalities of healing from post-traumatic stress. They worked with hundreds of operators and their families and soon became a provider of education, awareness, and programs.

On this episode, we talk with Tom and Jen about their story and All Secure Foundation. 

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All Secure Foundation

Tom's highly-recommended book,
All Secure (amazon affiliate link)

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