Eustress Training - Ep. 24
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Eustress training is a way of training your body to do more work, easily by raising the baseline of movement or exercise that you can do without stressing your body out or making a significant demand on your recovery capacity.

This means that you can eventually train harder, recover faster, and when you want to really push things in the gym or in your sport, you have a higher output potential. Since you’ve trained to make heavy workouts feel easy, you’ll be able to do even more before it feels really difficult.

Eustress training also has several other benefits. For instance, 

  • It helps to build a high degree of control into your perception of sustained effort, teaching you how to make hard things easy. 
  • It allows you to refine and dial in techniques and mental strategies.
  • It reduces recovery time - allowing you to shift emphasis to other physiological demands and training inputs
  • It increases specific work capacity in the movements trained. 
  • It helps to develop a better sense of interoception, or the ability to sense what is happening within your body and predict how future events will feel
  • It also helps to develop a general skill of self-regulation, or the ability to manage your stress response under difficult conditions. 

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