The Farther Adventure - Loar and Roen's Big Idea [S2:E12]
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Previously, the Pirate Map revealed the secret passageway back to home, friends and family.  Excited to return, Bobo Chico sings a song “When I Get Home” about all the little things he’s going to enjoy. The pathway leads to the Great River of Wonderland. On the far shore, they see the door guarding the tunnel through the mountain. That's the way to the ‘other world’ that keeps Wonderland safe from the ‘others’. The four friends must get across the rushing river. But when Bear King urges them to join him on a large log, Bobo Chico isn’t convinced that strategy will work. He turns to Loar and Roen for advice. The brothers scour the area and Roen finds a Chock-full o'Nuts coffee can perched on a pedestal! Puzzled, he gives it a little shake. A swirling cloud reveals Rufus Goofus, Wizard 2nd Class who is eager to meet Bear King because the King of Bears has magical powers. But when Bear King explains that his powers are greatly limited in Wonderland, Rufus Goofus becomes determined to help with half-baked ideas. Disheartened, Bear King and Bobo Chico turn to Loar and Roen.  Loar has a brainstorm, remembering the big swing set back home at the Mt. Tabor playground in SE Portland.  With Rufus Goofus’s help, they make a rope swing to carry them one-by-one across the river. 

When they all safely reach the other side of the river, they wave goodbye to Rufus Goofus (now Wizard 1st Class). Bear King turns to Loar and Roen. “Sometimes the greatest magic happens between your ears!”  Bobo Chico looks on in amazement and asks, “Huh? What’s between your ears Bear King?” Smiling at his young otter friend, he says one word. "Imagination!”

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Special thanks to our producer, Scott Whitney of PodWorx.

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