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Parent Busters
Sep 19, 2023
Weird Body Myths: From Elbow Licking Challenges to Eye-Pop Sneezing
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Ever thought of licking your elbow or touching your nose with your tongue? Sounds ludicrous, right? In this Parent Busters podcast episode, we expose weird body myths and weird body challenges, starting off with the laughably impossible task of licking your elbow.

 We not only looked into the science that makes this task challenging for most but also discovered the rare few who can! In a hilarious twist, we even gave it a try ourselves and let's just say, it was an interesting experience...

In this fun kids science podcast episode, we'll also cover:

  • Is it actually possible to lick your elbow? / Is it rare to be able to lick your elbow?
  • What are some rare body facts?
  • What are the unique things that your body can do? (And can't do!)
  • Can sneezing cause eye to pop out?
  • Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open (or is it a myth)?
  • What happens if you sneeze with your mouth closed? (Or, hold your sneeze)
  • Who can roll their tongue?
  • What is tongue folding?
  • Is it rare to be able to lick your nose?
  • Can some people lick their nose?

If you're looking for a blend of humor, fun science tricks for kids to try, and some unexpected facts about your body you've never heard, we've got you covered in this fun podcast for parents and kids to learn together!

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