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Parent Busters
Aug 15, 2023
Something's Afoot With Bigfoot
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Ready to uncover myths and legend of Bigfoot? You know, that hairy cryptid with (you guessed it) BIG FEET! We're busting myths and facts about this elusive creature while also diving into the world of cryptozoology. 

This Parent Busters episode with Jackie & Ella covers Bigfoot fun facts and Big Foot folklore like:

  • What is BigFoot?
  • Could Bigfoot be real? 
  • What are cryptids?
  • Sasquatch sightings
  • What was the the curious case of the Iceman?
  • Where is the Iceman museum?
  • What are cryptozoologists?
  • How did BigFoot become a cultural icon?
  • What is a WoodBooger?
  • What are other names for Bigfoot?
  • Bigfoot around the world
  • Did Jackie and Ella see Bigfoot?
  • What did tater tots have to do with this episode???

Tons of Bigfoot fun facts for kids and parents to learn  together about the mythical creature no one ever seems to capture on film. (What's up with all those blurry BigFoot videos and pictures?!)

So, buckle up and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime into the world of cryptids!

 This is not just a podcast, it's an exploration into the unknown, a thrilling ride into the realm of the unexplained. Or, maybe just some fun talk about a really smelly creature. Join us to find out!

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