Parent Busters
Parent Busters
Aug 1, 2023
History Of Barbie Doll: Sparkle, Struggles & Surprise Toy Fun Facts
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Are you ready to journey back in time for a retrospective on the world's most iconic doll - the Barbie Doll of course! We're jumping into Barbie mania from the Barbie movie and answering fun Barbie history and surprising facts!

In this Parent Busters podcast episode, Ella and Jackie cover Barbie fun facts and history of Barbie topics like:

  • Who created Barbie and when?
  • Why was Barbie created?
  • Are Barbies bad? (Talking about Barbie controversies)
  • Does Barbie have a social media following?
  • What was Barbie originally made for?
  • How many people does it take to make a Barbie?
  • What is the history of the first Barbie?
  • Why did they name it Barbie?
  • What jobs did Barbie have (Barbie careers)?
  • What do Barbie dolls teach children?
  • What is the mission and vision of Barbie?
  • What are fun facts about Barbie and Ken?
  • Who were Barbie's sisters?
  • Did Barbie have a best friend?
  • What was a barbie meat sleeve? 

Even if you're not a huge Barbie fan, we think you'll find something fun and interesting in this Parent Busters episode of toy fun facts!

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