Parent Busters
Parent Busters
Mar 14, 2023
Evolution of Mario Games: The Video Game From Pixels to Power-Ups
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In this Parent Busters podcast episode, we’re covering Mario: The Plumber Who Became a Legend (aka: Ella’s favorite topic for celebrating a gaming icon!). 

We’ll cover the Influence of Mario on pop culture, gaming, and beyond with topics like:

  • What does Popeye have to do with the Mario games?
  • What was Nintendo originally created for?
  • What was Mario first game?
  • What did Nintendo first sell in 1889?
  • When did Jumpman change Mario?
  • When is Mario Day? (And what is Mario Day?)
  • What is the history of the first Nintendo?
  • What did Nintendo make before games?
  • What is the game Mario about?
  • When was Mario created?
  • What type of game is Mario?
  • How do you play Mario game?
  • What is the purpose of Super Mario game?
  • What was Nintendos first game?
  • What was the first Nintendo console?


PLUS, a fun Mario quiz to see if you can beat Ella’s video game knowledge!

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