Parent Busters
Parent Busters
Oct 18, 2022
Gettin Batty Wit It
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On this week's Parent Busters Podcast episode, we’re going through an entire alphaBAT of information with fun bat facts and information like:

  • What is interesting about a bat?
  • The weird history between bats and vampires.
  • Which came first - bats or vampires?
  • What does Ray Charles have to do with bats???
  • When are bats in Austin and why?
  • The SHOCKING answer to how long can bats live without food…
  • Can vampire bats drink human blood FOR REAL (or Do bats suck your blood)?
  • How much blood can a vampire bat drink?
  •  Can bats give you rabies?
  • Can bats spread rabies without biting?
  • Are bats harmful to humans?
  • Are bats friendly?
  • How big are bats?
  • Can bats jump?
  • How long do bats live for?
  • Do bats have good hearing?
  • How do bats echolocate (and what is echolocation?)
  • Are bats harmful to humans?
  • Are bats dangerous?
  • How big are bats?
  • Are bats Rodents? 
  • Are bats mammals?
  • Are bats blind? (And what about that saying “blind as a bat”???)
  • & SO MUCH MORE! An entire BATch of fun info!

There are a few places that we just WING it, but mostly these fun childrens bat facts will set your kids up for SUCK-cess in learning about bats and beyond on this FANGtastic episode!

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