Sep 2, 2022
S1 E7 - Marketing perspectives from the Corporate and Agency world
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If stated correctly, the silos between sales and marketing departments are a long-standing issue throughout every industry. 

Do you wish to learn how to bridge the gap between these misalignments? Tune in to Episode 7 of The B2B POD, and indulge in an engaging discussion between our host Radwa Hassan and guest Sunita Hadani, where they elaborate on the challenges and solutions to building a successful connection between an agency and a marketer.

In this Episode, 

  • We introduce you to our gracious host Radwa Hassan and our guest Sunita Hadani.
  • Give you a general overview of the challenges and their solutions to correct the misalignment between agencies and marketers.
  • Our guest shares some tips and tricks to get both of them on the same page. 

In closing, we'd like to say thank you for tuning in to The B2B POD this week. We hope to see you for Episode 8.

Episode highlights -
[00:10]   Radwa introduces the guest and topic for the episode 
[00:35]   About Sunita

[03:33]   Radwa asks Sunita about her experience with establishing an agency         

[04:11]   Sunita elaborates on how the digital age has affected the relationship 
                   between marketers and agencies    

[08:24]   Radwa asks Sunita for her perspective on working in an agency
[05:17]   Sunita explains the need for agencies to transform themselves 

[06:37]   Sunita elaborates on multiple challenges and the pressure that
                    today’s agencies  face                   

[07:05]   Radwa explains the crisis of new competitors in the IT industry                        
[08:46]   Sunita explains how the modern agencies function

[09:29]   Sunita elaborates on the importance of the agency and 
                   marketing relationship

[10:15]   Radwa  asks Sunita her views after moving from the
                     corporate side to the agency side                      

[13:17]   Radwa asks Sunita for her tips for Marketers and Agencies 
                    to build the  relationship                  

[13:38]   Sunita gives her tips for Marketers to build a strong relationship
                    with the Agencies

[15:49]   Radwa gives tips on how to successfully run an agency. 
[18:23]  The End 
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