094 Unearthing Misplaced Kangaroos
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We all know Australia is home to many unique species of animals. From the adorable Koala Bear to killer Crocodiles. One of the most well known of these animals would be the Kangaroo. This guys can grow up to 6ft tall and weigh as much as 200lbs. If you live in Australia you probably see these things roaming around all the time, but if you aren't from down under then you might have to make a trip to your local zoo in order to get a glimpse of these creatures; or do you? There have been numerous reports from all over the globe of wild kangaroos roaming. Some say these are just peoples pets that escaped or maybe even let free from private collections.While others say that there is more to this story and they aren't kangaroos, but some other kind of animal that has yet to be identified or even a misidentified cryptid... 

Join us as we talk about all of this and more. 

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