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Dec 14, 2022
EP 34: Leadership Leverage: 3 Steps to Build High-Performance Teams
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Leverage is all about putting the right amount of pressure on the right spot at the right time. Leveraging your leadership is much the same as it requires you to constantly evaluate what your team needs and when, and then deliver to them what is required to ensure the entire group’s success. Today we will be taking a look at how you can build high-performing teams in three steps, how creating and adhering to one standard will give you the advantage, why it’s wise to constantly shift your focal point, and how creativity and innovation flourish in environments that are standardized and disciplined. We then debunk some myths about coaching in leadership as we come to understand why consistency is non-negotiable, before learning that success isn’t really magic and that every good leader always gives their team a clear direction to follow. To find out why self-evaluation should be constant and why progress matters more than perfection, tune in now! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s topic: ways to leverage your leadership.
  • Creating standardized systems to ensure repeated success. 
  • Learning to operate in line with your strengths. 
  • Constantly moving the focal point to whatever is most important at that time. 
  • Focusing on processes instead of personalities.  
  • Having the discipline to adhere to the company standard. 
  • How creativity and innovation flourish in environments that are standardized and disciplined.
  • The often misunderstood function of coaching in leadership. 
  • Why leaders need to establish formulas in their workflow. 
  • Building consistency into standardized processes. 
  • The reasons why success is not magic.
  • Why it’s vital for a leader to give clear directions and how it benefits everyone involved.  
  • The importance of always evaluating and reevaluating your performance and systems.
  • Progress versus perfection. 

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