Closing the Love Loop
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Today we're talking about THE LOVE LOOP. This is just a fancy term for when spouses are connected and nothing is hindering their relationship. Like your wedding ring - it's fully connected in a perfectly formed loop around your finger. 

Marriage is the same way. And in order to keep that loop secure, we have to excel in the power of GRATITUDE! 

When your spouse does something for you it opens up a half loop.  
Expressing gratitude closes the Love Loop and results in connection. 
Unexpressed gratitude leaves the loop open and results in disconnection. 

The primary factor in emotional and relational health is GRATITUDE.  Why? Because gratitude challenges negative thought patterns.  Negative thinking destroys your brain and your bond to your spouse. 

Gratitude is the social emotion of the brain - it makes you feel attached to the person you’re thankful for.

Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received.   
Thankfulness is the desire to express that feeling.   
Thanksgiving is following through on that desire.    

How to increase gratitude in your relationship:  

  1. Pay attention to the little things that you typically take for granted. 
  2. Focus on the good that you can be thankful for. 
  3. Experience the emotion of gratitude by putting yourself in different shoes.  (If I didn’t have her…what would my life be like if…) 
  4. Have a habit of thanking God for your spouse.  (He’s your Father-In-Law)
  5. Express, Express, Express your gratitude.  (the more you express the more you’ll want to express) 

The reward for gratitude is presence (Psalms 100:4)  with God & your spouse.

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