67: Self Love Isn't Conditional
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Self love is not all bath bombs, affirmations, and never having another shitty thought about yourself. It’s not loving every single thing about yourself all the time….BUT it’s about loving yourself unconditionally.   Unconditional love means that you decide to love yourself not just when you’re at goal weight, when the scale says a specific number, or when you can slide into a certain size of jeans, or only when everything is going great. 

When you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, you've established all kinds of rules around how and when you're allowed to love yourself. Each time you tell yourself you can't do something or wear something until you lose weight, you're putting conditions around self-love. That signals back to your brain that you're not worthy. 

In this episode of Irresistible You, I'm breaking down what unconditional self love looks like and it's not the fluffy BS you're used to.

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