Browsing for the Bible on Kickstarter | Season 1 Episode 004
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Ever heard of Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a great platform for entrepreneurship. It’s also for business-minded people looking for some new innovative ideas.

In today’s episode, Co-hosts Kenny Jahng and DJ Chuang talk about how Kickstarter can help pave the way for your ministry expansion.

Got an idea? The hosts explains 3 Best Examples of companies who used the platform for their hands-on work for sharing the Gospel.

Tune in now!

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[ 7:40 ] Audio books, the experience, instead of just reading text, is that back in the old days, there was really only one way to, you know, carry the Good News. It was either like walking from town to town or group to group and delivering the Word orally. As we know, it used to be an oral tradition.

[ 8:10 ] Today, we've got the digital universe, we've got pixels, we've got the information superhighway and I'm just, it just felt like a prompt and calling to say, those of us in this generation involved with tech and the Internet and the web and digital communications that we are called here to put a multiplier effects on what used to be done manually, step-by-step.

[ 8:42 ] Imagine that we can literally reach the ends of the earth with digital.

[ 13:12 ] You don't need to just abandon what you're doing and start something completely from scratch. This is something like if you have something going on, if you've got a community, a ministry, something going on that is something that it might be the foundation of your supporter base and it might be something that you do to energize and further push your community to do something more. It doesn't mean that you need to start fresh and quit your job and do something else entrepreneurially.

[ 17:36 ] We're seeing storytelling, catching up and evolving with what culture is demanding and I think it's the seeing the flourishing of that genre is lovely.

[ 20:14 ] I think the Bible can be much, much, much more than just presenting the text.

[ 20:55 ] There's 1600 languages left in the world that we're trying to get to. And once there's a translation project started in those remaining 1600, we're down to nothing.

[ 21:14 ] technology has been accelerating the translation projects and that in our generation, this generation, we're going to be able to say, Hey, humanity, we've, we've conquered translation of the Bible so that it's accessible to every single human being on earth. When you think about a step back, that's kind of, that's magnificent.

[ 21:40 ] I think that's where in the narrative of God and the story of God that all this technology is, has a vital role in how God is going to bring all people to himself, all tribes and nations and tongues and worship together.

[ 22:08 ] How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News as it is written in Romans 10:14-15.

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