The Other Way
The Other Way
Aug 22, 2023
048: Mental health, social media, & the power of mindfulness with Dr. Towery, MD
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Ever wondered how your identity shapes your mental well-being? Join us for a heart-to-heart conversation with Stanford-trained, board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Jacob Towery, as we navigate this intricate relationship. We unwrap the many layers of mental health, from whole-person care to the interplay of the attention economy with technology, and provide you with practical tools to alleviate depressive and anxious thoughts. Bonus: get to know Dr. Towery's playful side as we underline the value of fun in reducing pressure and finding inner peace.

Social media - a boon or a bane for your mental health? We tackle this pressing issue head-on, throwing light on how our everyday interactions with digital platforms could be contributing to the growing mental health epidemic in the United States. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated loneliness, we discuss the potential dangers of social media overload and the pressures on our attention. Listen in as we reveal strategies to manage this digital deluge and safeguard your mental health.

Challenging conventional wisdom, we take a deep dive into the chemical imbalance hypothesis, debunking the myth that depression is purely a serotonin issue. Immerse yourself in an illuminating discussion on the power of cognitive behavioral therapy and other mindfulness practices in understanding and managing depression. Ending on a hopeful note, we redefine trauma and healing, emphasizing the importance of safe spaces for sharing stories, addressing beliefs about trauma, and promoting positive reframing techniques. Join us and gain a fresh perspective on mental health and identity.

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