The Other Way
The Other Way
Oct 11, 2022
Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD on taking leaps of faith, designing your life, & serial entrepreneurship
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Physician, author, and Founder of Blue Spirit Costa Rica and the Omega Institute in New York, Stephan Rechtschaffen is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building successful and thriving businesses which have a positive impact in the world. He’s an anomaly; a visionary who has found multiple ways to integrate social good with financial viability. His reach goes beyond ventures, programs, and consulting, he strives to support individuals as well which he illustrates via the wisdom in his bestselling book. Time Shifting, offers a fresh perspective to help people find ease and reduce stress in a culture fixated on going faster. In alignment with this mission, to truly help people find health, longevity, and cultivate a fulfilling life, Stephan established the Nosara Longevity Center in Costa Rica at Blue Spirit which integrates science with tangible actions to help people rethink their approach to time, stress, and cultivating a long-life-well-lived. His latest venture? Combating and reducing the effects of climate change through natural treatments as opposed to pesticides - an initiative run in Costa Rica. Stephan can also be found consulting with socially integrative organizations focused on creating positive change in the world.

💫 We cover :

  • Stephan’s path to creating Omega and Blue Spirit; going from being a MD physician to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Taking major leaps of faith; how following your inner voice will lead you to your purpose
  • Designing your life; rethinking and getting clear on the core values by which we measure alignment and success
  • Reframing failure; the key secret to success
  • Taking action but balance this with equanimity; integrating mindfulness with clarity
  • Timeshifting and why Hustle Culture is dead; how to come back to balance in a world that is moving at such a fast pace - without sacrificing success
  • + So much more!

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