The Other Way
The Other Way
Jun 7, 2022
Nicolle Merrilyne on tapping into your intuitive gifts
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Nicolle Merrilyne is a Certified Intuitive Healer, Medium, Psychic, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Mentor who empowers women to heal from past trauma, reclaim their personal power and elevate spiritually.

After a 5 year battle with an abusive relationship, grief, depression, and skin + gut health issues, Nicolle turned to meditation and intuitive healing as a final call for help. This work changed her life in ways she couldn’t even imagine. It gave Nicolle her world back and it's now her life's work to help others see the light within.

Nicolle works with clients 1:1 in intuitive healings or psychic readings, has guided many groups of women through her intuition course: AWAKEN, hosts monthly accessible online workshops, teaches meditation and has a private mentorship program available.

Authenticity, safety and trust are the through lines of Nicolle’s work and she is proud to have helped hundreds of men and women regain clarity and hope, reconnect with their intuition and begin living as their highest selves.

💫 We cover :

  • Understanding energy work, psychic mediumship, and the healing arts
  • Stepping into your intuitive gifts - those that each of us have
  • Breaking the “negative connotations” of “woo-woo” terms like psychic
  • Reclaiming your authenticity - owning  those parts that we feel ashamed of
  • How inner work is crucial to “outer change”
  • Nicolle’s transition from her food page to showing up with her spiritual gifts
  • “Energetic shedding” - what this looks like physically, emotionally, & spiritually
  • How each of us are intuitive & how to tap into that
  • Deciphering what is “intuition” vs. “analytical thinking” and how to build your trust muscle
  • How to balance being a “mystical” and intuitive person in an “analytical” human plane

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