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#91 Harald Reingruber is embarking on a coding tour
Mar 9, 2020 · 39 min
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Harald first told us how he came to graphics programming: curiosity. We then talked about his first internships and jobs in the healthcare industry. We discussed what quality means in such a heavily regulated environment. We then talked about how his views on software quality and furthermore pair programming evolved through the years. We finally zoomed in on his upcoming coding tour, what it is, how it is organized and why you should consider it too!

Harald is an enthusiastic software engineer with 10 years of professional experience working in different areas of visual and spatial computing. He likes delivering high-quality software, but he also likes working on prototypes/MVPs for measuring traction before adding later-on required complexity. Inspired by Peter "Code Cop" Kofler, Amitai Schleier, and Corey Haines he decided to go on a pair-programming tour in the US in March/April 2020, right about the time this podcast will air.

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