Software Developer's Journey
#82 Pariss -Athena- Chandler learns jumping in with both feet first
Jan 6, 2020 · 40 min
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Pariss started off on a scare, when she learned that her non technical skills might be threatened in the future. She then decided to learn how to code, and did really well. Pariss told us the story of her Bootcamp, Internships and Mentors. She told us how she slowly but steadily discovered her unknown-unknowns in the art of software development. She described the birth of the #BlackTechTwitter hashtag and the BlackTechPipeline. We discussed the success and future of such a side project. We finally ended on a learning note talking about all the things Pariss has on her plate for the future.

Pariss is a front end developer at G2i, a remote company of engineers vetting and marketing other engineers. Pariss is also the creator of the hashtag #BlackTechTwitter, a movement bringing awareness and exposure to the Black community in the tech industry. And she is also the Founder of the Black Tech Pipeline, a platform offering continued support, resources, and opportunity to the Black Tech community and supporters.

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