Software Developer's Journey
#56 Magnus Stahre is not supposed to know it all, and neither are we!
Jul 1, 2019 · 36 min
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Magnus started by telling us the story of his first steps, tinkering on a Commodore64 devising on what attracted him toward computers in the first place. Then we discussed his first apps using Borland TurboPascal and how this hobby evolved into a job. We talked polyglot-ism, craftsmanship, re-reading books, apprenticeship programs and code katas.

Forged of iron and walrus blood, Magnus Staahre comes from an ancient line of nordic code smiths. His technology engineering heritage was primarily responsible for preventing the narwahl invasions of Sweden in both 1683 and 1915. As a craftsman of such pedigree, Magnus knows from generation of experience meticulously hand-crafting code, what is needed to produce exquisite results, even when using some of the worst raw-material out there.

After Magnus succeeded in crossing the great sea and reaching the new world, he settled in the kingdom of Pillar Technologies. Since since time, he has been solving ever more difficult code-smithing problems, while teaching the upcoming generation, the ways of the mighty nordic code smiths. Mere mortals must often avert their gaze from his profound use of Unix to avoid being paralyzed in awe.

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